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How do you create your personalized sign?

The custom neon sign has long been a visual marketing tool implemented on storefronts to attract customers and stand out. Here's how to create your sign.

The design for your backlit sign

An illuminated sign attracts attention to your company and helps you assert your image.


It's therefore important to choose the right design for your sign to be modern and striking.


We'd be delighted to design your illuminated sign for the front of your store or business.

Structure color

We offer 4 colors for the front and sides of your sign: Black, White, Silver, Gold.

The colour of the lighting

Choose from 10 possible colors for your sign's backlighting.


Location of your sign

Is your neon sign intended for indoor or outdoor use?


If your sign is intended for outdoor use, we need to make it waterproof (IP67).

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Installing your sign

Installing your sign is quick and easy.


We supply installation kits and installation guides.


You receive everything you need to install it on your storefront.

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Customized LED sign

Transform your storefront with an illuminated sign 💡 The design possibilities are endless for your custom sign.

Hugo , Co-founder of Attractive Neon

The Illuminated Sign Specialists

For many years, we've specialized in customizing neon signs and illuminated signs for businesses.

Our team is available 24/7 to answer your questions and support your projects.

We study and handle every request with care, to ensure that the design of your customized sign perfectly matches your expectations.

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Custom signage FAQ

Here are the questions most frequently asked by our customers about our customized signs.

  1. Inspiration: Start by defining your vision. What do you want your sign to communicate? Think about the text, graphics or logo you want to illuminate.
  2. Request a quote: We invite you to fill in the form on this page, with your detailed ideas and requirements. This will help us understand exactly what you're looking for.
  3. Preliminary design: Once we've received your request, our design team will get to work on creating an initial design. We'll send you a preview for validation.
  4. Refinement: Based on your feedback, we'll refine the design until it perfectly matches your expectations.
  5. Final approval: Once you're satisfied with the design, we'll proceed to manufacturing. Our skilled craftsmen will use quality materials to bring your sign to life.
  6. Delivery and installation: Your customized illuminated sign will be delivered with clear instructions for safe and easy installation.

Feel free to contact our team at any time for advice or clarification throughout the creative process. Your satisfaction is our top priority!

Both types ofsign use LED technology, but differ mainly in their design and method of manufacture:

Neon LED sign: This sign is made with neon flex tubes, which are flexible and mimic the look of old neon while benefiting from the durability and efficiency of LEDs. These tubes emit a continuous light, providing soft, even luminosity. Ideal for recreating patterns, logos or text with a distinctive style.

LED Illuminated Signs: These signs are based on backlit lettering. Each letter is designed to allow LED light to shine behind it, creating a luminous halo around the outline of the letter. This technique offers an elegant, modern presentation, perfect for highlighting a company name or logo.

When selecting your sign, the choice between LED neon and backlit lettering will depend on the visual effect you want to achieve, as well as the overall aesthetics of your space or brand.

We understand the importance of a unique sign to represent your brand.


We invite you to fill in our contact form to request a personalized quote.


Our team of experts will be happy to guide you through the various stages of design, taking into account your specific needs.

LED illuminated signs offer many advantages for any type of business.


Firstly, they offer optimum visibility, day and night, attracting a greater number of customers.


What's more, compared with traditional signs, LED signs are much more energy-efficient and have a much longer lifespan.


They create a welcoming, professional atmosphere, reinforcingyour company's image.

Absolutely! We're well aware of the nostalgia associated with vintage signs and thevisual impact they can have.

Our range includesvintage illuminated sign designs that combine the aesthetics of yesteryear with today'sLED technology.

These signs combine the charm of the past with the durability and efficiency of modern technology.

Of course! Our illuminated signs are designed to be robust and weatherproof.

Every sign for outdoor use is made from high-quality materials, guaranteeing protection against rain, wind and temperature variations.

What's more, the integrated LED system is specially designed to deliver optimum brightness in all conditions, ensuring that your sign shines brightly whatever the season.

Nevertheless, it's essential to follow the installation recommendations provided to ensure the longevity of your outdoor sign.

All our products meet international standards and are certified : 

CE (Conformité Européenne)

FCC (Federal Communication Commission)

RoHS (Restriction of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment)

UL-EU (UL: Underwriters Laboratories)

SAA (Standard Association of Australia)

They created their illuminated sign

Check out our customers' backlit signs.
We are delighted to have seen their projects come to fruition, and now you are the one who stands out!

Why install a sign in your store?

Your store's sign is much more than just a marker of attendance; It is an invitation to discover what you have to offer. It informs and attracts attention, playing a crucial role in communicating your services or products. Whatever your needs or the aesthetics you are looking for, a suitable illuminated sign is essential, especially if your activity continues in the evening (bars, restaurant, nightclub, etc.). This ensures optimal visibility at all times.

Are signs important for a company's image?

The answer is unequivocal: Yes! Signs and signs are much more than just a communication tool; They embody your company's identity, conveying its brand image and clearly distinguishing it from its competitors. Whether for indoor or outdoor use, these signage elements play a major role in the visual expression of your identity.

Attractive Neon, your partner for customized illuminated signs

At Attractive Neon, we are dedicated to transforming your company's visual identity with custom neon signs that capture attention and propel your visibility.

Aware that each company has its own identity and specific needs, our offer includes a wide selection of neon signs, designed to adapt perfectly to all sectors of activity. Whether it's for a restaurant, a hair salon, a boutique or any other business, our illuminated signs are the key to making an impression, strengthening your brand image, and of course, increasing your customer base.

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