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For many years, we have specialized in customized LED neon lighting for events, corporate and interior decoration.
Our customized neon lights illuminate weddings, parties, offices, restaurants, bars and homes all over Europe.

Attractive Neon - Custom neon manufacturing

Specialist in neon LED signs

Would you like to personalize a neon sign to represent your company, celebrate an event or simply decorate your home? We can create virtually anything you need in neon form.

Customized neon sign - Attractiive Neon

It's a fact that all affordable components on the market are of low quality, with little design choice. We work every day to offer a unique lighting experience through our creations.

Cyril , Co-founder

Neon designer

Attractive Neon is a team of 2 people from different professional backgrounds, united by two common passions: neon lights and the digital world.

Since the advent of LED neon, traditional neon has been gradually disappearing. Despite logistical difficulties due to the fragility of glass neon, we have long continued to pass on this now rare know-how.

However, LED neon currently accounts for over 90% of the neon market. It has made its mark in the field thanks to all the advantages it offers.

For all these reasons, we decided to dedicate our business to LED neon design.

Today, our mastery of both processes enables us to offer a complete service with infinite design possibilities.

Our reliability in figures

The assurance of exceptional service

At Attractive Neon, we don't just talk about quality, we demonstrate it with every job we do. Take a look at our figures, which testify to our commitment and the unwavering trust our customers place in us.

+2500 neon lights created

Whether text, logo or design, every neon sign is unique.

100% satisfied customers

We brought their spaces to life, and they're delighted with the results!

24/7 customer service

Our team is available 24/7 to answer your questions and support your projects.

Customizable LED neon

It was the feeling of freedom that drove us to do this project. In the digital world, as in the neon world, the only limit is your imagination.



They put their trust in us

More than 1,000 customers have already put their trust in us, and we've brought their spaces to life with customized neon lighting. And they're delighted with the results. What are you waiting for to entrust your project to us?

LED neon manufacture

Quality service

Each request is studied rigorously to ensure that our neon designs perfectly match our customers' needs. To guarantee quality service, all our products are carefully manufactured and packaged by hand. Our team is available 24/7 to answer your questions and support your projects.

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Create your neon text in seconds and get a real-time price with our tool! 1. Type your text 2. Choose a font3. Click on the color of your choice (RGB available)4. Select material and shape5. Add your neon to the basket and confirm your order. 6. Receive your neon and let it shine! It's up to you to create the neon that represents you! #ecritureneon #neonled #neonsurmesure #neonpersonnalisé
Creating your own personalized neon has never been easier! Upload your own design and get creative 🎨The possibilities are endless. The only limit? Create your own now! (link in bio) #neonpersonnalisé #objetpersonnalisé #logo #decoration
🌟 How did I create my custom neon? Discover the journey from design to realization.✨ As custom neon experts, we turn your vision into luminous reality. The process is simple: send us your logo, fill out our form and receive your quote. The result? A unique neon that embodies the spirit of your brand.🔆 Perfect for energizing your workspace or adding a distinctive touch to your business. Watch our video to see how this customer lit up her office with neon that reflects her brand identity.💡 Ready for a bright transformation?📩 Send us a message today for a free quote, and start your journey to bright, memorable branding.#identitedemarque #identitevisuelle #logodesign #neonpersonnalisé #enseigneneon #entreprise #restaurant #decorestaurant #neonsurmesure #deconeon #neondeco #evenementiel #agencedigitale #agencedecommunication #branding #logo #neonledpersonnalisé
💖 Neon Barbie for @bisousmourillon Transform your space into an Instagrammable paradise with a custom neon! 📸Pink neon is perfect for adding a girly touch to your business or special events. 🌸Whether you want to create an eye-catching photo corner for your store, a fairytale setting for an event, or simply give your space a unique ambience, we're delighted to work with you. 🎨 Give free rein to your creativity and bring a playful, photogenic dimension to your business or event. 📩 Contact us for a customized neon sign and illuminate your space with style and originality!#barbie #barbiegirl #barbiedecor #barbieparty #barbiepartytheme #eventplanner #photobooth #neonled #eventdecor #neonled #neonpersonnalisé #decorphoto #instagrammable
🌊 Immerse yourself in the electrifying atmosphere of the "Java Bleu" parties in St Tropez with our latest neon creation for @bleumonjules 🔵Inspired by 80s art, this neon comes from an @lydia_agnes_flora illustration. 🖌️Nous are delighted to collaborate once again with @bleumonjules. This neon is not only a luminous work of art but also a must-have decoration element for memorable evenings. 🌀Are you looking to add a unique decorative element that stands out and is perfect for photos in your restaurant, bar or nightclub? Our custom neon lights are the perfect solution for creating vibrant and captivating themed settings.📸Contact us to transform your party spaces with custom neon lights that reflect your style and mood.#sttropez #neonlight #neoncustom #neon #neonsigns #neonlights #neonflex #signage #neonart #advertising #boitedenuit #evenement #eventdecor #club #clubdecor #customneon #customneonsign #neonled
Find out how we transformed @bisousmourillon restaurant into a girly, Instagrammable paradise!✨ With 6 custom neon lights, we helped set the mood at Bisous restaurant, transforming it into a space that's not only welcoming but also perfect for Instagram-worthy shots. Each carefully crafted neon adds a unique touch of charm and elegance.🔥 Make your restaurant a must-visit spot, where every corner becomes a memorable visual experience. Our neon creations are designed to reflect and amplify the world of your restaurant.📩 Contact us for a quote #attractiveneon #bisousmourillon #neonpersonnalisé #deconeon #neonsurmesure #neonled #neonlights #neonlover #neonfeelings #customneon #customneonsign #ledneonsign #ledneon #enseigneneon #deconeon #decorestaurant #restaurant #restauranttoulon #restaurantmarseille #restaurantcannes