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Personalized neon sign for the Bisous restaurant brand

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Define the dimensions of your neon

Customize the size of your neon to fit your space perfectly.

Choose either the height or width of your creation, and we'll adjust the other dimension proportionally for a harmonious look.

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Choose the shape of your support

The support for your neon plays a crucial role in its final appearance.

Select the form of support that will best enhance your neon creation.

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Each type of support offers a unique effect for your creation

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How to create your own customized LED neon sign?

Custom neon has become the trendiest visual marketing tool for attracting customers and standing out in 2024. Here are the essentials you need to know to create the perfect neon for your business, event or decoration.

Your custom neon design

One of the first things you need to think about is how you want your customized neon sign to look.


For a company, we recommend highlighting your logo with a customized neon logo.

That's what most of our customers do.


You can also highlight a design, a shape, a slogan, a phrase, a quotation, a letter or a first name.

Customized neon design

LED neon tube colors

Choose the colors for your customizable neon.


There's a wide range of colors to choose from, so think carefully!


Take your corporate identity into account when designing your custom neon sign.

LED neon - Available colors

Custom neon inside and out

You need to know whether your neon is intended for indoor or outdoor use.


If your neon is to be used outdoors, it must be waterproof (IP67).

Installing your neon

Installing your neon is quick and easy.


Our installation kits offer a wide range of placement options.


You can opt for wall-mounted neon, suspended neon or free-standing neon.

customized neon installation

Turn your ideas into light 💡
The design possibilities are endless.
The only limit? Your imagination!

Hugo , Co-Founder of Attractive Neon

The custom neon specialists

For several years now, we've specialized in customizing LED neon lights for events, businesses and interior decoration.

All over Europe, our customized neon lights illuminate weddings, parties, offices, restaurants, bars and homes.

Our team is available 24/7 to answer your questions and support your projects.

We study and process every request with care, so that the design of your customized neon perfectly matches your needs.

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Customer logo

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Neon led logo mockup

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Custom design

Our designers transform your logo into neon. You'll receive a mock-up and a quote for your custom neon sign.

Step 3


We faithfully reproduce your logo in a customized neon sign . All you have to do is install it and admire the final result!

They've created their own customized LED neon

Discover our customers' customized neon signs. We're delighted to have seen their projects come to fruition - now it's your turn to stand out!

Millenium Motors

Car dealer

Custom neon sign

Coté Jardin


Neon LED sign



Customized wall neon

Les Barbiers du Port

Barber Shop

Neon led logo sign

Frequently asked questions about custom neon

Do you have questions about neon customization? Find out the answers to the most frequently asked questions below.

The cost of a customized neon sign generally varies between €200 and €2000 plus VAT.

This range depends on several criteria such as :

- Dimensions

- Tube length used

- The complexity of the pattern

For a precise quotation tailored to your needs, please contact us.

To create an inexpensive customized neon sign, we recommend choosing the minimum size and keeping the design as simple as possible.

The larger and more complex the neon, the higher the price.


We are proud to present a range of 22 colors of neon flex. This is the widest range available on the market.

Thanks to this color palette, your neon sign is 100% customizable.

The different neon LED colors are :

White, Warm white, Pink, Candy pink, Red, Violet, Green, Orange, Light orange, Blue, Cyan blue Yellow

For each of these colors, you can choose whether the tube will be colored or white when the neon is switched off.

We also offer RGB neon.

RGB neon lights let you choose the color of your neon usinga remote control.

We offer 3 different shapes for customized neon sign holders.

Die-cut support :

The support is cut 2cm all around the shape of your neon.

It's themost popular option!

Rectangular support :

Your custom neon sign can also be mounted on a rectangular support.

Freestanding stand :

If you need to be able to place your neon on a piece of furniture, you'll need to choose the freestanding bracket.

Your free-standing neon sign will be delivered with two feet to be inserted into the notches of the bracket to hold your sign.

By default, all our neon lights are manufactured on a transparent acrylic base.

We also offer the following options:

- Opaque black backing

- Silver mirror holder

- Gold-plated mirror holder

- UV printing on transparent acrylic

Yes, you can adjust the intensity of your customized neon.

To provide you with the best possible user experience, we systematically include a dimmer switch and remote control, free of charge, in every package we ship.

We advise you to plan a space for your customized neon sign before ordering.

To achieve a successful decor, it's important to measure the space available to accommodate your LED neon.

We have no size limit for our creations. We can make customized neon signs of any size.

Tell us what you need, and we'll be delighted to help you create a unique world of light.

UV printing is a modern printing technique that uses special inks cured instantly by UV lamps.

This method produces high-quality, long-lasting prints that resist scratching and fading.

This process allows us to create neon on substrates with any color, background pattern or background image.


Total cable length is 3.7m:

- Neon cable length: 2m

- Cable length for dimmer switch (optional): 0.5m

- Low-voltage adapter length: 1.2m


Yes, our neon lights can be adapted for outdoor use thanks to a special glue that gives them an IP 67 waterproof rating.

The price of custom neon is determined by several factors:

- The complexity of design

- Neon dimensions

- The type of LED used

- Support materials

- The different options

The more elaborate and larger the design, the higher the cost.

Our team also takes into account design and manufacturing time to offer you a competitive and transparent price.

All our products meet international standards and are certified : 

CE (Conformité Européenne)

FCC (Federal Communication Commission)

RoHS (Restriction of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment)

UL-EU (UL: Underwriters Laboratories)

SAA (Standard Association of Australia)

We are proud to offer a 2-year guarantee on our products.

This warranty covers your neon in the event of malfunction or damage during delivery.

If your neon light shows signs of malfunctioning during the warranty period, we will repair or replace it, as appropriate.

However, this warranty does not apply if the neon is damaged through improper handling or use.

Standard lead times

Benefit from free delivery in 10 to 15 working days all year round.

Priority order

Is your order urgent? We'll process your order as a priority and you'll receive your neon in 3 to 7 working days: +75€ HT.


Your neon lights are carefully shipped by our trusted logistics partners: DHL Express, Fedex and UPS.

Each package is fully insured.

If an unforeseen event occurs during delivery, we will replace the item at no extra charge.

LED neon lights are renowned for their low energy consumption. Find out more

We do our utmost to meet all design requests, but certain technical limitations may arise, particularly with regard to the fineness of details or the complexity of typography.

At the design stage, our team of designers will advise you and ensure that the final result is both aesthetically pleasing and feasible.

The lifespan of customized LED neon is generally much longer than that of traditional neon.

With proper maintenance, a customized LED neon can last up to 50,000 hours .

This means that your neon will light you up for around 30 years if it's on for 5 hours a day at full intensity.

However, it is important to handle it with care to avoid mechanical damage.

LED neon maintenance is relatively simple.

To clean your neon, switch it off and disconnect it from the power supply.

Use a soft, slightly damp cloth to gently wipe the neon surface, avoiding any chemicals that could damage the light.

Make sure the neon is completely dry before re-lighting.

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Create your neon text in seconds and get a real-time price with our tool! 1. Type your text 2. Choose a font3. Click on the color of your choice (RGB available)4. Select material and shape5. Add your neon to the basket and confirm your order. 6. Receive your neon and let it shine! It's up to you to create the neon that represents you! #ecritureneon #neonled #neonsurmesure #neonpersonnalisé
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